Alpha Print was established in 1986 in
Thessaloniki, Greece a flourishing commercial
hub of Europe for the textile industry.
We started as a small-scale print house focusing
on the local market.

Love for what we do, our passion for quality
and accountability towards our customers,
enabled us to grow organically over the years.

Our printing playground (…or facilities) is 2,000
m2, facilitating our production line, prototyping
area, color developing laboratory and viewing
collections space.
Currently our family-run business has the technology
portfolio to meet your needs whether you need high
capacity or you are designer focusing on small rounds.


We are passionate
Weird as it sounds we just love printing fabrics.

We are reliable:
The only way to thrive in this market for over 30 years is to be reliable and accountable
to your customers. This is what builds sustainable and long-lasting relationships.

We love to learn:
We embrace your need to follow the trends and experiment.
We commit on adapting to the continuously changing fashion
environment and develop our processes. We constantly seek ways
to meet your needs faster and with less costs without compromising
our quality.



We have a multidisciplinary team bringing
different expertise and competencies.
Yet we constantly develop our team depending
on the trends and our customer needs.

We also value and recognize our employees.
This is why, a high number of our employees
choose to be part of Alpha Print for many years,
and some are with us since our first steps.